E3 2018 – Square Enix Conference

My relationship with Square Enix is kind of similar to Bethesda. They’ve put out things I really love, but most of their bigger releases just don’t hit for me. This conference was super short, and next to none of it was new to their stage.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider got some gameplay shown here instead of the cinematic trailer we saw over at Microsoft yesterday. It looks like more tombs are there to raid, more people to stealth kill, and more exciting explosions! I really loved the first game in the series reboot but, in my classic fashion, I still haven’t started Rise of the Tomb Raider. That damn game has been installed for over a year too…

We got a deeper look at Just Cause 4. Once again, a game that was shown yesterday at Microsoft. True to form that game also looks like more of its predecessors. Big open world with silly tools to let you destroy that sandbox in interesting ways. This time with insane tornados!

There were only two unknown quantities at the whole event, and, unfortunately, neither one got any real details. First was a PlatinumGames joint entitled Babylon’s Fall. Getting that studio on there already makes me interested, but the real hook of this teaser was the long intro with all these fantastical historical events – Discovery of the Oversoul, Birth of a Goddess, Punishment. Unfortunately it was just the set dressing, and I want to know more about what this game actually is. Then there was The Quiet Man. No context to the sudden shift into live action FMV, and then the shift into 10 whole seconds of what looked like gameplay of punching a few thugs. Like, are they actually making a new FMV? I really don’t know what to make of it.

The biggest surprise was the complete lack of Final Fantasy VII. Not even an acknowledgement that, “hey, we’re still working on it.” Does this put us at 2 years since there has been any concrete messaging about it? It’s a good thing I am not one of the diehard fans of that game because this must be torture.

They do have a big game coming soon for all their JRPG fans though. Kingdom Hearts III was shown at Microsoft yesterday, taking a way a bit of the impact, and shown again today with very few changes in the trailer. I am not a big enough Disney fan for the main hook of these games to interest me, so I never jumped in. I feel like I’ve been hearing about a third main installment in the series for ages though. From what I understand, it is thought that work on this game started in 2006, and a development that long gets me worried. Seeing them leaning on Frozen as heavily as they did makes me wonder what happened to the 7 years of work prior to that movie becoming a hit. I know Kingdom Hearts isn’t for me, but I still got zero faith in it.

Then it was all over, only teasing two games we had not seen before this. When it was all done all I could think was “That’s it?” I’m sure that isn’t the reaction they were looking for.