Neil’s 2017 Games of the Year

I had a lot of sleepless nights this year. Well, that isn’t entirely correct. I usually got some sleep, but there were a lot of nights I found myself staying awake worrying about my friends and family in the USA. Often it was the insanity of the politics happening, but there were also the California Read More …

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Recore: Definitive Edition is Real, and Out This Month

In Europe this week, Gamescom has been in full swing. Which means it’s a good week for news. We got the first trailer for Shenmue III, Final Fantasy XV is getting a port to PC, Mario Odyssey includes a world of food, and Recore Definitive Edition is official and out in less than a week.

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One Year Anniversary

My girlfriend and I shared our first anniversary together standing in line for more than six hours, waiting for a Nintendo Switch. Pangs of anxiety had guided me into making a call to the local GameStop in a last-ditch effort to remedy my lack of a preorder for the latest Nintendo hardware. Normally, I wouldn’t Read More …

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Review: For Honor

Who would win a fight between a Norse Raider and a Japanese Sword Saint? A Knight wielding a long sword and a Viking with spear and shield? These questions have inspired some ridiculous television and Ubisoft’s For Honor.

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Review: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

When Mirror’s Edge made its debut in 2008, I was struck by how they made first-person platforming feel good. It had a wonderful sense of speed, simple to understand controls, and a more unique vision of the future than most sci-fi of today gives us.

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Review: BattleBorn

I’ve had fun playing Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games–MOBAs for short–like DOTA 2 and League of Legends for more than a decade. I also really enjoyed the Borderlands games that I’ve managed to play. Hearing that the Borderlands team were making a game in the style I love sounded like everything I could ask for.

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