Episode 193 – Goo on the Moon

Matt gives Fortnite another try, Neil finally explores Tacoma, Coronavirus is cancelling all the conventions, and people are liking the Final Fantasy VII Remake!

Tacoma Spoilers between 18:45 and 23:15

Music: “Sun Spots” by Chakita

Find more music Chakita at chakitamusic.com

Matt Lane: @azumagames

Neil Jimenez: @thatneilj

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2 thoughts on “Episode 193 – Goo on the Moon

  1. Since one of your loyal fans is elderly with pre-existing conditions, and since never leaving the house for a year or more isn’t an option for her, being a little less dismissive about the seriousness of the problem and a bit more committed to keep Ming your hygiene up to protect us old folks — would be easier on the ears.

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