Episode 162 – The Secret Horseman

Matt returns to Hollownest, Neil embraces his Darksiders, Playstation Classic is full of PALs, and nylon SUCKS compared to canvas!

Music: “Sun Spots” by Chakita

Find more music Chakita at chakitamusic.com

Matt Lane: @azumagames

Neil Jimenez: @thatneilj

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One thought on “Episode 162 – The Secret Horseman

  1. I totes agree that the Darksiders’ 4 Horsemen are lame and repetitive. But the actual 4 are not so much, because the Apocalypse isn’t just about dying; it’s also about living in misery and suffering. Famine sucks even if you don’t die from it. Same with War and Pestilence. And if you subscribe to the Conquest guy instead of the Pestilence guy, going from free-person to slave is pretty awful, too. So I’d say the real 4 would provide super gaming possibilities, while these 4 are under-performing.

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