Episode 152 – The D-Train

Matt and Neil found A Way Out of playing anymore of that game, Arenanet fires two writers, and someone fixed Colonial Marines?!

Music: “Sun Spots” by Chakita

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Neil Jimenez: @thatneilj

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One thought on “Episode 152 – The D-Train

  1. I believe it is wholly inappropriate to censure, penalize, and essentially gag a woman who responds to systemic sexism with something like “here we go again”. The idea that the woman you discussed on the podcast wasn’t polite enough or she should have phrased it differently to save the guy’s feelings, to talk about both sides and how she could have handled it better is flat out tone policing from a position of privilege. People suffering from systematic abuse do not need to be nice to their abusers. Dissing a woman for not expressing herself civilly enough in the face of condescending sexism shuts her down, ignores the reason behind her “rudeness”, and implies she is asking for whatever vindictive reactions come her way. Same BS we hear all the time with the “civility” argument levied against people of color these days – and just as bogus. Privileged people need to suck it up and just feckin’ deal with legitimately pissed off responses to sexism, racism, xenophobia, etc. from those who are suffering under the inherent power imbalances in our society.

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