Episode 124 – E3 2017: They HD’d It

Mario meets Xcom, Scorpio gets a terrible name, pirates flood the waters, and Matt and Neil argue about what kind of pizza E3 2017 represents.

Music: “Sun Spots” by Chakita

Find more music Chakita at chakitamusic.com

Matt Lane: @azumagames

Neil Jimenez: @thatneilj

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One thought on “Episode 124 – E3 2017: They HD’d It

  1. Sounds like this year’s E3 was largely a bust. This isn’t the first conference PTG has scored low – which begs the questions (for the podcast): Has E3 reached the end of its shelf-life? Are annual “preview” events too archaic for today’s gamers? Is there an alternative launch-announcement system that would work better? Not every company has something ready for public consumption at E3 time, but they’re all afraid to be no-shows and lose exposure. So they show up — with seriously boring presentations. Why not set up a virtual conference hall that updates every 4 months or so? When a Co. has something to show, it can upload a presentation to post in the next virtual session. Subscriber-gamers can check into the mini-conference 3x a year and at their convenience to see what’s actually coming out. Whadda ya think?

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