Episode 119 – A Demon Filibuster

Matt explains how everything is a dungeon in Disgaea 5, Neil drops some shots about new Rocket League content, The Switch starts bending, and Mad Catz runs out of lives in chapter 7.

Music: “Sun Spots” by Chakita

Find more music from Chakita at chakitamusic.com

Matt Lane: @azumagames

Neil Jimenez: @thatneilj

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One thought on “Episode 119 – A Demon Filibuster

  1. If you’ve been playing a game regularly and for a while – like DS3 for example – and you switch to another, but similar game (traveling around, killing stuff, collecting things, leveling up) – does it take you a while to make the right moves? Do you automatically keep trying to make the new character use the old character’s strikes and parries?

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