E3 2019 – Square-Enix Conference

Do you like Final Fantasy? Like literally any of them? Great! This conference had something for you. Otherwise…

They opened with Final Fantasy VII Remake looking quite beautiful, and I continue to not care at all. That game might be truly amazing for a whole set of people to experience that story for the first time. It could succeed in satisfying every fan of the original. I don’t think either side is actually going to be happy. Who cares though! Final Fantasy VIII is finally getting a remaster instead of being conspicuously missing from the treatment. I expect widescreen support will be added but not sure what else. Let’s not forget Final Fantasy XIV, the MMORPG, getting some DLC. Some crazy mobile game I definitely don’t remember existing is getting a “second pillar” to support its world with the mouthfull of a title War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. And last but not least, Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles (the one I am most excited for with a 2/10) is still coming and will have internet co-op making it actually possible to play through. Also it’s coming to phones which is a little surprising.

Ok, what else did they have? A new shooter named Outriders featuring 1-3 player, drop-in drop-out multiplayer, and a severe lack of other details. There was like 3 frames that looked third-person on a computer screen and a montage with a few interesting looking guns that has me thinking there will be colored loot. Yay, another Destiny competitor! My highlight of the show was Circuit Superstars, a racing game in the style of RC Pro-Am and other old arcade games I liked as a kid.

They also finally unveiled this Avengers game that Crystal Dynamics has been working on for the last few years. It looked pretty, but they said so little about it I kinda can’t believe it was their closer. I get the teaser finish with a title and logo or something. That can be very exciting, but a like 10 minute segment where you show a very small slice of what might have had a few moments of gameplay, and people coming on stage saying things like, “no loot boxes,” isn’t hype. WHAT IS THE GAME? All I got out of this was that they plan to keep adding content to it, like zones and characters, for a few years. To what end though? Is this just a really fancy 3rd person Marvel Heroes? I really hope some details come out during the week for some of this stuff, because right now I am more frustrated than excited about it.

It is strange to say it, but I think they showed too much of the new stuff. Not because I don’t want to see more, but they showed too much for a teaser and then gave too few details to generate excitement. Talk about disappointing.