E3 2019 – Nintendo Direct

In my perfect world, we would have had gameplay from Metroid Prime 4 today. Due to the news earlier this year that they were rebooting the development, I knew it wasn’t coming. Mario Maker 2 and the next generation of Pok√®mon already had major reveals. So what was Nintendo going to come at me with? Banjo-Kazooie in Smash that’s what!

Anyway, they kicked off with introducing Doug Bowser, the new president of Nintendo America. I had a pretty good chuckle at the obvious joke. Still happy to see Nintendo injects a bit of fun into these things, keeps the engagement up so much better than the other companies taking this approach. Speaking of which, I though Doug had a good presence to keep me engaged during his time in the hosting chair too.

There were a couple of surprises as well. First was a game that is some kind of collaboration with Netflix leading to what appears to be a tie-in game with the upcoming Dark Crystal show. Next was the immediate release all three old Secret of Mana games, especially notable because the sequel was never before released in the west. Between this and PSO, E3 2019 is a hell of a year for older games finally coming to the states. One more surprise was No More Heroes 3. That series got a bit of love after almost 10 years with a spin-off title earlier this year. After that game bombed I just sorta assumed we would never hear from Travis Touchdown again. Hopefully the whole game isn’t quick-time events like the trailer showed.

They showed Astral Chain again, which I am still excited for because Platinum makes a lot of games I love playing. The trailer was definitely focused on narrative, but there may have been a hint in there about how your chained fighting partners. It looks like you might capture enemies and turn them to your side. Could be really interesting if your tools to fight can change based on what enemies you have available to capture, but I’m just speculating at this point.

Animal Crossing is not a game for me. It lives in the same space as The Sims for me and I just can’t seem to find the hooks to make me want to play. I do know a LOT of people are excited for it, and I am very sad for them that the game is getting delayed until March next year. From what I saw it is gonna hit all the buttons people love though!

Nintendo definitely closed with a bang though. A direct sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is in development! Direct sequels in the Zelda franchise are not particularly common, but considering how much praise BotW I cannot say another game in that model is too surprising. I will be shocked if that game is coming for next holiday rather than 2021 though. Maybe I should try to give that game another shot…