E3 2019 – EA Play Event

It feels weird to consider this part of E3. EA wants this to be considered its own event! You know, it just happens to be in LA, right around the time that E3 happens…

Anyway, EA has the Star Wars license and is FINALLY showing something that isn’t a first-person shooter in that universe. Jedi Fallen Order on paper looks 100% like my kind of game. Hell, the 15 minute gameplay demo even looked like it had a pose meter for enemies like Sekiro from earlier this year. Point is, I really love that kind of game. So… why am I so luke-warm on this? Maybe I’m a little burned out on Star Wars, or maybe it’s just the fact that it is another “Jedi Story.” I just don’t feel the hype.

Apex Legends got a big push with a lot of information about future cosmetic content and other things to spend money on. I was a little surprised to see the animated short accompanying the new character announcement. When the game first launched, a lot of people talked about it being a Battle Royal meets Overwatch, but I never quite felt it. With this animation they put a spotlight on the character in a very Overwatch way, not to mention her skills look like they give her a more distinct role in the squad. Apex looks like it is going to be getting some solid support, and I’m glad to see that.

EA has a bunch of new maps and stuff coming to Battlefield V, they are still making FIFA and Madden sports games, and the Sims 4 is getting an island themed expansion. I kind of can’t believe the Star Wars game was the only fully “new” thing they had. Like, for the last few years they have done a little segment with some Indie game or two that they are putting some support behind. Nothing like that this year. No heartfelt speech from someone getting an amazing opportunity and standing out from the blandness of the rest of the EA presentation. Weak kick-off to the week.