E3 2019 – Bethesda Conference

Bethesda had a rough year. Fallout 76 was a huge failure, Rage 2 has been received very luke-warm, and the Mobile game Blades had some pretty negative responses too. Of course, I am really not the person Bethesda tends to make games for so it is always hard for them to excite me.

Speaking of Blades, it’s coming to Switch! Also, Fallout 76 is getting NPCs, and quest choices, and a Battle Royale mode! I do hope that people find what they had originally wanted with this stuff. I half expect this new mode to take over the game the way Fortnite did to its original game.

There were only a few brand new games shown. One mobile game using the Commander Keen IP that hasn’t been used in like, 30 years. Ghostwire: Tokyo is coming from the people behind The Evil Within. While it looks like it is still going to be a bit spooky, this game is being called an action game rather than a survival game. Then there was Deathloop, the new project from the people behind Dishonored. A game about two assassins killing each other over and over. I really wish we had gotten a better look at what the game actually is, but they do some good first-person magic powers.

This year is definitely about shooting guns though, Wolfenstein: Youngblood and Doom Eternal are both coming this year. I’m still not sure about the co-op focus they are putting on this new Wolfenstein. One of the coolest things was how they built the world with detailed newspaper clippings and downtime at the homebase between levels. I don’t really know if those slow moments or side characters can flourish the same way when your friend is getting up to order a pizza.

Seems like they played things pretty safe this year. I feel like they should have at least touched on Starfield or Elder Scrolls VI after announcing them last year. Things just felt a lot more buttoned up to me this year. None of the meme ready jokes and such. Doom Eternal looks pretty good though, I should really go back and play that last level of the 2016 game.