Episode 198 – Steve Achievements

Neil finds the Forgotten Sands, Matt tries to master Terraria, EVO makes big changes because of COVID-19, and Tony Hawk reminds us why we like Ska! Music: “Sun Spots” by Chakita If you want to play Neil’s Mario Maker Levels here are the codes! Cave of Madness: T65-P61-QCG Thwomp and the Beanstalk: 7FT-1MC-CQF Restless Race: Read More …

Episode 195 – Threatening the Balance of Nature

Matt goes head-first into Half-Life: Alyx, Neil rerolls his way back into Katamari Demacy, Gearbox underpays a lot of people, and everything is getting delayed from the global shutdown! Half-Life: Alyx Spoilers between 28:45 and 58:15 Music: “Sun Spots” by Chakita

Episode 180 – Rusty George

Matt cleans out some Nano-Dust, Neil finally finds the remains, Terry is joining Smash, and NBA 2K20 releases an extremely tone-deaf ad. There are MAJOR spoilers for Anodyne 2: Return to Dust in this episode. They appear between 19:35 and 42:40 of the episode. Music: “Sun Spots” by Chakita: